Liz Ardley is probably the best proofreader I have had the honour of working with. She possesses a sound knowledge of English grammar, provides incredible attention to detail and has the ability to provide thorough proof-reading within a short period of time. As a person, she is very helpful and does not mind asking questions or going a few extra miles just to return the best possible written product. (PhD Student - University of Auckland)


I am a doctoral student at the University of Waikato. Elizabeth did a fantastic job proofreading two academic papers derived from my Ph.D. thesis. The most distinctive feature of her work is that she has an eagle eye and pays close attention to detail. It is particularly important that she considers the relationship between sentences, paragraphs, and sections and offers constructive suggestions. There is no one better than Elizabeth to assist me in proofreading my work. I would definitely ask her to assist me in proofreading my third paper and my final thesis as well.  I would like to thank you again, Liz. (PhD Student - University of Waikato)


I am a non-native English speaking academic from Germany and I have used Elizabeth Ardley’s proofreading and editing services for 3 years. I really appreciate working with her. Her editing is always punctual, thorough and and she has a great eye for detail. I will continue working with her. (Academic Staff Member - University of Auckland)


Elizabeth has done a splendid job of polishing my manuscript. In the past, I have recommended her service to many of my doctoral candidates at Auckland University of Technology. My students’ feedback has always been around her great attention to detail in grammar, sentence structure, formatting, and referencing, which has resulted in quality writing. Most importantly, she is very reliable and always delivers what she has promised. I highly recommend her outstanding editing services and look forward to working with her again. (Assoc Prof - Deputy HoD - AUT University)


I have been working with Elizabeth for the last 10 years and she has never let me down. She is very punctual, has a wonderful eye for detail and more importantly, she has no hesitation in recommending I make changes. I strongly recommend her as a proofreader. (Academic Staff Member - University of the Incarnate Word - USA)


Liz has been proofreading arcadia - International Journal of Literary Culture for more than five years. The journal is grateful for her always thorough and punctual commitment, which makes her a reliable partner, moreover a friend with whom it is a pleasure to work. (Editor - Acadia Journal: Germany)


Elizabeth has worked with me as a copy editor on different projects, fictional and nonfictional (short novels, screenplays, film subtitles, theatre scripts, academic articles…). Due to her brilliant work, I sound like a native and my work has been accepted in different countries around the world. I highly recommend Liz - for me she is the best. (Academic and Creative Writer - Croatia)


Elizabeth has been proofreading our texts - from blog articles to newsletters - for several years now. The cooperation has been always easy, she has a really good eye for detail and is quick to respond to our requests. We can warmly recommend her as a proofreader. (SozialMarie: Prize for Social Innovation - Austria)


Elizabeth is a brilliant proofreader and copy editor. She has been proofreading and editing my academic journal articles for the last 10 years or so (I am not a native English speaker). She is responsive, always on time, and I highly value her insightful comments. I am very grateful for the fantastic work she has done for me. Highly recommended. (Academic Staff Member and Writer - University of Zadar, Croatia)


Our company has been using Elizabeth’s proof-reading skills for several years now and our experience has always been extremely positive. Elizabeth is professional, discreet, thorough, and very reliable. At times we have only given her a couple days’ notice to proofread a 60-80 page report and she has gone out of her way to make sure that the job is completed in a timely manner. I highly recommend Elizabeth’s proof-reading business. (Investment Management Company - New Zealand)