Welcome to Grammartiste – Proofreading and Copy-Editing Services. 

We rewrite your wrongs!

You may be writing in a second language or writing under time constraints. Perhaps you are not a natural writer and feel lost for words... or maybe grammar just isn't your forte. First impressions count - A LOT! Mistakes and clumsy writing stick out like a sore thumb. Even the tiniest mistake means your text looks less than professional and you or your organization drop in credibility points. As a business or organization, mistakes can mean you are not quite so trustworthy. (How many fraudulent emails have you received that immediately give themselves away by diction or grammar mistakes?). As a student or academic, mistakes or just 'bad writing' mean lost points and a lower grade. 

Proofreading your own work is difficult - the eye of the writer is often hurried and biased and unable to detect mistakes. This is why professional proofreading/editing is essential. Professional proofreaders/editors know language. They know grammar and diction and how to make writing flow. Most of all, they know how to spell! 

As proofreaders/editors at Grammartiste, we have had years of experience in the academic, business, organizational, governmental, and publishing world of writing. We know how to perfect your work - how to make it shine with professionalism. We work closely with writers and publishers to ensure written texts conform to any desired style in either UK or US English. We work closely with writers to clarify meaning and intention and to keep writers informed throughout the proofreading/editing process. Our approach is friendly and supportive and most of all, constructive. 

For those who lack the confidence or time to write, we also provide writing services (though of course not for students!). Send us an outline of your letter, report, advertisement, blog, or article and we will send you back copy that you can be proud of. We have valuable training and experience as journalists, report writers, and copy-writers. We know how to write for a target market or audience.  Don't spend time laboring against the clock or your own writing skills - let us do the work for you and you can be sure of a timely and competent result. 

Please feel free to contact Grammartiste with any queries or questions. We look forward to working with you should you decide to proceed with our services.